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Special prostheses

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“Walking towards the pool in a safe and comfortable way may be insignificant to some, but it makes a big difference to me, every day!”
Sam De Visser ~ G-athlete/swimmer and on his way to Paris 2024!

Bath, shower and/or swimming prostheses

Most of the components used for day-to-day prostheses are splash proof, but not designed to be submerged in water. Using these for showering or swimming, for example, is therefore not recommended.

A prosthesis, specifically designed for swimming, bathing or showering, is therefore fitted with the correct components (such as, for example, titanium), which are water-resistant. These types of prostheses are often less functional. Nor are they ideal for walking long distances, in most cases.

We can also make special ‘flipper’ prostheses for both the lower limb and the upper limb. In that case, the fin or paddle (for the upper limb) is attached directly to the socket. 

Sports prostheses

Just like a running shoe is used for running or a ski boot for skiing, a sports prosthesis is specifically designed for use when exercising.

Which sport you practise determines the combination of specific components and the way the prosthesis is constructed. There are adapted parts for just about every activity (running, cycling, golf, racket sports, skiing, etc.). 

For example, in the case of a prosthesis that is used for running, such as jogging or playing a racket sport, sufficient elements must be provided to absorb the impact on the stump as much as possible. In that case we will provide a comfortable fitting of the stump in the socket, by choosing the right liner or installing an additional shock adapter. An optimal suspension of the prostheses on the stump provides for the necessary safety.

We often make the biggest difference by providing a special foot, which also provides the necessary energy return often needed by athletes.

When you start exercising sports you can use your daily prosthesis. But once you are going to exercise more intensively or do more sports, we recommend having an additional, specific sports prosthesis made to be able to move comfortably and safely and to deliver a fine performance.

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