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Amputee Care Center, a UNIQUE CONCEPT with total care for amputees 

Learning to live with a prosthesis and living life to the full with it requires specialist and centralised care. This applies both to patients who have just been amputated, but also to those who have already completed the acute phase of rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, once back home, many prosthesis users notice that their follow-up, whether prosthetic-technical or physical-mental guidance, could be better.

To help these people, the Amputee Care Center offers total care to both lower and upper limb amputees. The main objective is to provide continuous care for users of all ages and their environment.

The strength of our philosophy is based on a holistic total approach, as part of which you have a team of specialists and coaches at your disposal. We are convinced that by applying this approach we really can make a difference for you.

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