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What is osseointegration?

In the case of osseointegration, an implant is anchored directly to the remaining bone. This is a procedure that can be applied to the lower leg, the upper leg or even the upper arm. A prosthesis is then attached through a small opening in the skin (stoma), via a transcutaneous connector. This technique has gradually gained acceptance in the past 30 years. 

This technique is safe. For example, research shows that the risk of the implant coming loose is very small. In the beginning, there may be some irritation or infection of the stoma, but these are treatable and often temporary.

The prosthesis is therefore directly attached to the skeleton, thereby eliminating the need for a prosthetic socket. This advanced technique makes an important contribution to the quality of life of patients with an amputation because, for example, no prosthetic socket has to be worn.

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