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The pre-operative introductory meeting

The pre-operative introductory meeting

Before proceeding with an amputation, there will always be a meeting during which the members of the team will inform you about what will happen during the surgery and what the follow-up programme will be.

The main reason for having this meeting before surgery is to make sure you can go into it with peace of mind and hopefully not worry too much about what’s to come.

The surgeon will give you more information about the surgery and the importance of the correct height of the amputation. An important indicator of amputation height is the level of tissue damage.

The rehabilitation specialist will explain the rehabilitation process and introduce the team that will work with you to get you functioning with your prosthesis as quickly as possible. Goals will be different depending on the level of the amputation and your general physical condition.

You can even contact fellow sufferers, who can share their stories with you. This often gives a realistic representation of what you can expect as a future prosthesis user.

The goal for most people is to get back to functioning independently, as soon as possible. That is why efficient prosthesis care is aimed at helping patients to recover as quickly as possible and to prepare them as well as possible for wearing the prosthesis.

People who are well prepared, physically and emotionally, will return to their favourite daily activities quicker. That’s why the pre-operative introductory meeting, before the surgery, is a step that should not be skipped.

Has your amputation operation been scheduled or have you just had an amputation? Or perhaps you would like to talk to a fellow sufferer? Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information!