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Learning to live with a prosthesis is a real challenge. Not only does this apply to yourself as a prosthesis user, but often also to family and friends. Often many questions remain unanswered

That’s why it’s important to be able to meet fellow sufferers. Being able to listen to their stories and discovering that you are not alone with those day-to-day worries often gives you that bit of extra motivation to go a step further. 

If you would like to meet one of our prosthesis users or if you have a number of unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Ervaringen prothesedragers sport

James Dwyer: “My prosthetist went out of his way to understand me and my lifestyle and helped me find the best possible prosthesis. I’m very grateful to him!”

I’ve been wearing an upper leg prosthetic for 25 years and currently I’m walking with a multi-axis prosthetic knee and carbon fibre prosthetic foot. I’ve been a customer of Spronken Orthopaedics since 2019.

I wear my prosthesis throughout the day. I work on a farm where I milk about 700 cows and I do horse riding at international and Olympic level.

It’s extremely important that my prosthesis feels very comfortable, because I wear it all day long. And because I am so active, I need to be confident that I can be stable and safe in my movements. 

My doctor recommended Spronken Orthopaedics because I had problems with my prosthesis. The prosthetists of Spronken Orthopaedics have made a huge difference for me. Previously I had problems with the fit of the prosthetic socket and with the heavy and outdated leg prosthesis. “Robbie, my prosthetist, went out of his way to understand me and my lifestyle and helped me find the best possible prosthesis. I’m very grateful to him!

Jean Neven: “I expect a prosthetist to be hands-on, look me straight in the eye and think along with me about solutions.”

I was only 17 when my lower left leg was amputated after an accident. That’s 45 years ago now. I’ve witnessed technical orthopaedics grow from small studios (not much bigger than a garage) to the businesses we see today. Consequently, I changed prosthetists a number of times at short notice.

I expect a prosthetist to make high-quality sockets and to be able to do that, he or she needs to listen carefully, while I must be able to ask and be critical until it’s right.

I’m active as a snowboard monitor at Anvasport, I’m a supporter of Limburg United (wheelchair basketball) and I’m a member of Amptraide. Thanks to the many contacts with fellow sufferers, I can tell that obtaining a high-quality socket is not easy. 

In my professional career (with 43 years of service), I’ve worked a lot with machines and often got my hands dirty with grease and oil. I don’t put my trust in a garage where the computer makes the diagnoses and solves the problem. In the same way, I expect a prosthetist to be hands-on, look me straight in the eye and think along with me about solutions. So that I can continue with a good socket, reach my daily step count and don’t have to worry about wounds, ulcers and pimples.

Daring to grab and feel my stump (which is a very intimate and vulnerable body part for me) is vital if you want to take proper measurements. And that’s only okay for me if I feel comfortable with my prosthetist and if I can be sure to always see the same prosthetist.

The profession of prosthetist is a craft and can never be replaced by an industrial process, in which several employees work on my socket. To me, Spronken Orthopaedics is a traditional company with a personal approach and where people are very close to people. 

I hope to be a customer there for many years to come.

beenprothese ervaringen
Ervaringen beenprothese

Martijn Reynders: Being able to walk for the first time in my life! That was fantastic!

I’ve been wearing an upper leg prosthesis for 37 years. That’s been my whole life. 

Today I’m walking on a Rheo Knee, a computerised prosthetic knee and a Pro-Flex XC Torsion. My prosthetic socket is made of carbon fibre.

The Rheo Knee is an advanced knee that constantly adapts to my gait and environment. The Pro-Flex XC Torsion is a carbon fibre prosthetic foot that ensures optimal energy return and smooth transition. The torsion module of the foot gives me functional shock absorption and the ability to rotate with my prosthesis. The main advantage of this is that fewer rotational forces occur between my residual limb and socket. 

I’m a very active person. I hike a lot and use my sports prosthesis to go jogging every now and then. This prosthesis is equipped with a special running foot and knee. 

I’ve been a satisfied customer at Spronken Orthopaedics for many years, where I can rely with great confidence on their expertise and their committed and solution-oriented approach. Since I can easily test all kinds of components, it enables me to choose the right product for the right activity, especially when I purchase these with my own resources.

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