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Personal GUIDANCE and tailored ADVICE

beste beenprothese voor wandelen

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“My prosthetist went out of his way to understand me and my lifestyle and helped me find the best possible prosthesis. I’m very grateful to him!”
J. D.

The Amputee Care Center focuses on the prosthesis user and his family. We offer a total package that goes much further than just measuring, adjusting, aligning and/or using a prosthesis.

Have you only recently had an amputation or have you been wearing a prosthesis for some time? Our experienced team of certified orthopaedic technologists is at your disposal with
tailor-made guidance and/or expert advice

Depending on your request, we will jointly look for the best composition for your prosthesis for the lower or upper limb. All prostheses are entirely custom-made, depending on the desired functionality.

As one of the market leaders in the field of prosthetic care, we are able to offer the most innovative prosthetic components. This can range from smart mechanical products to advanced electronically controlled and/or 3D printed parts. Thanks to an extensive network of partners, we are also at the forefront when it comes to the latest technologies.

We partner up with specialists and therapists to allow you to function optimally with your prosthesis. Whether you want to exercise with your prosthesis or just take your dog for a walk, we identify the right personal goals with you and your family and get started.

Comfort and quality of life are two important goals in that respect.