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Is osseointegration a solution?


Osseointegration surgery for amputees is defined as a procedure in which an implant (often titanium) is anchored directly to the remaining bone. A prosthesis is then attached through a small opening in the skin (stoma), via a transcutaneous connector. This technique has gradually gained acceptance in the past 30 years.

The prosthesis is therefore directly attached to the skeleton, thereby eliminating the need for a prosthetic socket. This advanced technique makes an important contribution to the quality of life of patients with an amputation because, for example, no prosthetic socket has to be worn.

In the Netherlands, osseointegrated prostheses for amputation patients are also called click prostheses.

Keep Walking Implant

The Keep Walking Implant is an endo-implant and probably the best solution for patients who have undergone a transfemoral amputation.

The implant provides increased final load and more stability of the upper leg in the prosthetic socket, the main advantage of which is that a more comfortable prosthesis socket can be made by the prosthetist. 

Research has shown that amputees can walk longer and faster, whilst consuming less energy. This in turn has a direct impact on the user’s quality of life.

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