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Free expert advice in our gait lab

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Free expert advice in our gait lab

Leg protheses users: Improve your mobility with our free video gait analysis for leg prosthetics at Amputee Care Center. Schedule your appointment today at the Amputee Care Center Gang Lab in Genk, Belgium!


Video gait analysis

At Amputee Care Center, we offer free gait analysis for all leg prosthesis users, regardless of where your prosthesis was made. Our video gait analysis for leg prosthesis users is popular with prosthetic patients from Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and from all over the world . We use advanced measurements to evaluate your gait and running dynamics in a laboratory with innovative technology such as cameras and pressure sensors.

Optimization of leg prostheses performance

  • Improve your mobility: Optimise your wearing comfort and efficiency.
  • Prosthetic socket video analysis: Reduce discomfort and skin irritation.
  • Align your leg prosthesis: Fine-tune your leg prosthesis for better performance.
  • Improve your sports performance: cycling, running, golf, swimming, motocross and much more.


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Free performance adjustment of your leg prosthesis

At Amputee Care Centre, high tech gait analysis is completely free for all leg prosthesis wearers. Financial constraints should not stop anyone from getting the care they need. We offer free prosthesis adjustments to ensure your device is optimally adjusted for comfort and mobility, regardless of where the device was made.

Leg prosthesis second opinion

A free video gait analysis in our gait lab is particularly popular among leg prosthesis users who want a second opinion on the use and optimization of their prosthetic device.

Our leg prosthesis experts offer detailed insights into your gait pattern and help you identify inefficiencies or discomforts. By accurately evaluating your gait, our experts can recommend targeted adjustments, resulting in improved comfort, functionality and overall mobility.

Whether you want to better adjust an existing prosthesis or just want a second opinion, our gait analysis is here to help.

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Schedule your appointment today!

Take the first step towards improved mobility and comfort by scheduling your free video gait analysis today. We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on your journey to improved mobility and quality of life. Book your place today as waiting lists at our prosthetic centre fill up fast!

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