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Follow-up and guidance after OSSEOINTEGRATION

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Do you have a transtibial, transfemoral or transhumeral implant and are you looking for a care partner who can guide you further in the construction of your prosthesis, your rehabilitation process or regarding the care of your stoma? The Amputee Care Center offers complete guidance for all your needs based on a holistic approach. 

Osseointegration surgery for reconstruction in amputees is defined as a procedure involving a metal implant being anchored directly to the remaining bone, which is then attached through a small opening in the skin on a prosthetic limb attached using a transcutaneous connector. This technique has gradually gained acceptance in the past 30 years.

An osseointegrated prosthesis for amputation patients is also referred to as a click prosthesis. During an osseointegration procedure, a pin is implanted into the bone to which the prosthesis is attached. 

The Keep Walking Femoral Implant is new and probably the best solution for patients with lower limb amputation at femoral level. Clinical trials are underway in several countries of Europe. The skin of the stump is closed to reduce the risk of infection. The Keep Walking Implant helps improve walking ability and provides greater comfort in the use of an upper leg prosthesis.