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Customised CARE before, during and after your amputation

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“Together with my fighting spirit, positivity and courage, and with the help of the team of the Amputee Care Center, my disability will be a unique challenge”
S. R.

Research shows that a standardised approach of the care process before, during and after an amputation ensures that the prosthesis can be fitted quicker and greatly increases the chance of its successful functional use.

As one of the market leaders in technical orthopaedics in Belgium, we therefore pay special attention to total care. Where possible, our prosthetists prepare a multidisciplinary treatment plan for each individual patient, with the manufacturing of the prosthesis in mind and making it functional.

Clear communication is vital. It is therefore important to thoroughly inform each patient and his environment about the various steps of the proposed process.

The main pillars of this process are:

  • Holistic approach towards the amputee, even before the amputation if possible.
  • Close follow-up during the first 10 days post-operatively, with attention to oedema compression, prevention of flexion contractures and wound protection.
  • Applying silicone liners for controlled compression therapy in combination with hydro-active wound care.
  • Active therapy with a focus on providing optimal conditions for early mobilisation, fitting the prosthesis and improving the healing process.

If you feel the need to talk to fellow sufferers, we can also rely on an extensive network of prosthesis users. From their experience, they can provide future prosthesis users with assistance and advice.

The main objective is to provide continuous care for users of all ages and their environment.