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“I expect a prosthetist to be hands-on, look me straight in the eye and think along with me about solutions. That’s what I was looking for and that’s what I found!”
J. N.

If you are undergoing an amputation, your first prosthesis will mostly be provided by the responsible prosthetist of the hospital. It’s common to use this service in this acute phase, because this situation is new and because you have no experience with prostheses.

As a future prosthesis user, you often do not realise at that time how important that bond of trust with your prosthetist must be and what you can, may or should expect from him/her.

However, in a later phase, when the patient has already returned home and (partly) picked up his life again, it appears that a large part (approx. 50%) is not satisfied with the prosthesis, their functioning with the prosthesis and/or the service of the prosthetist.

In those instances it’s important to know that always experiencing pain when walking is not normal, nor that you solely experience limitations in your daily functioning! Because there may be underlying problems that weren’t clear at the time, but which do have a significant impact.

We want to offer prosthesis users the opportunity to improve their prosthesis and improve the way they use it. Based on a thorough analysis we want to provide them (and their immediate families) with honest advice in order to improve their situation.

Our total approach means we approach you with your day-to-day functioning in mind and all the inconveniences you experience and, in addition to prosthetic technology, we also advise you in other areas. 

So, if you are looking for a no-obligation second opinion, then please contact us for an introductory meeting.

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