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Benelux first : first 3D printed bionic arm delivered


In Genk, Spronken Orthopaedics has delivered the first fully 3D printed bionic arm at its Amputee Care Centre. A first for the Benelux.

"For the first time in 27 years I can play decent billiards again, thanks to this prosthesis," beams Roger Fincken, who lost his right hand in a motorbike accident.

Roger Fincken from Maaseik gets first 3D-printed robotic arm (Maaseik) | Het Belang van Limburg (hbvl.be)

We delivered the first fully 3D-printed bionic arm in Benelux, a first. We have Roger Fincken from Maaseik, who lost his right hand in a motorbike accident, as the lucky recipient. He praised Open Bionics' new 'Hero Arm', available exclusively through our centre. The lightweight and breathable prosthesis opens up a new world for Roger, allowing him to play billiards and drive a car properly again after 27 years. The 3D printed model offers significantly more wearing comfort and functionality than his previous prosthesis.

The Hero Arm is a feat of cutting-edge technology, with everything except the robot-controlled hand being 3D printed. Roger, who was fitted with the prosthesis at our Amputee Care Centre in Genk, praises the ability to adjust the tightness himself, which prevents wounds. The cover design is self-selectable, with even the option for an Iron Man-style arm thanks to a collaboration with Marvel.

While the Hero Arm offers impressive advantages in terms of wearing comfort, we don't think it will supplant the classic prosthesis. The striking, futuristic look of the 3D printed arm with cover is not for everyone, and some prefer a less conspicuous prosthesis.

Roger received his prosthesis at our Amputee Care Centre in Genk, which provides customised multidisciplinary care for prosthesis wearers. Besides new patients, prosthesis users from home and abroad can also come here for second opinions and optimisation of their prosthesis. Our approach focuses on high-tech and innovative devices, including 3D printed customised arm and leg prostheses.

We assist patients from pre-surgery to full prosthesis, enabling most people with leg amputations to walk independently again after 7 weeks. Our innovative approach also extends to fitting a new leg prosthesis in a single day.

We believe that total care for prosthesis wearers can break down barriers and contribute to an equal future for amputee patients.